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ALL surgical patients receive a pre-surgical examination & assessment by the Veterinarian** (see below).  

ALL of our patients receive a tailored protocol is developed, which includes medications to control pain, regulate the cardiovascular system, reduce anxiety and provide general anesthesia.  

ALL of our patients are on advanced monitoring systems during anesthesia to improve safety.  

ALL of our patients receive intravenous fluid therapy to assure proper hydration, balance of electrolytes, promote perfusion and filtration, while encouraging drug metabolism and elimination.  

ALL of our patients receive take-home pain control and go home with an e-collar (cone).

NONE of the prices include HST or surcharges for retained testicles, hernias or maturity/obesity.

CAT NEUTER:  $396.67 + HST

CAT SPAY:       $615.76+ HST

Please note:

** $50 deposit is required at the time of booking

** Please be aware that animals presented with medical health issues that increase surgical risk may have the procedure postponed or cancelled

** Surcharges for cryptorchids and hernias

**We accept the City of Kingston Vouchers


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